Doggie Door Help

This is my dog Anniemae.  You can see one of her distinguishing marks.  There is a scar on the margin of her ear due to not knowing her boundaries and trying to take a treat from an older dog when she was a pup.  She learned that lesson pretty quickly! I don’t have a doggie door for Anniemae.

We’ve thought about putting one in but we have a glass door that we don’t really want to alter.  We could take it out and put in a different door that could have a doggie door in it but we haven’t been inspired yet by what we’ve seen.  Might have to put it in the wall.  Still deciding.
However here is my question and request.  I would love some great ideas or designs for doggie doors.  There are a lot of us that are interested and would love to see what you or your neighbor/friends have done for an interesting door for your beloved canine.
Please just snap a shot and email it to me.  Once I collect them, I’ll share them next month and we can all benefit from many eyes out there.
(BTW….Where did September go?)