Extreme Makeover – Garage Edition

Kelly Favero and I are rehabbing a home in Sugarhouse.  True to so many of those properties, the garage was a “leaner”.  We were actually worried about standing too close just in case its time was up!  I’ve had a few garage/shed type structures that needed to be built, always used A-Shed, and I wanted to show you what they did on this one.  They build it at their plant and put it up in about 2-3 days depending on the size and exterior.  The cost for this single car garage including the cement work was about $15,000.

By the way, you will more than likely get an invite to come and see this house once we are done.  It will be a private thing for friends to swing by and see the before pics on the wall while walking around the home with a glass of wine in your hand.  I love this kind of stuff!!  I think I’m a “Rehab Addict” wannabe!

Garage Before

Garage After