Tax Notice – Ugh!

A lot of us are noticing a significant increase in the Property Valuation portion of the tax notice.  Might be worth doing some quick math to see if it falls in a reasonable increase.
If you divide 2015 value by the new 2016 value, you should get the percent increase of your homes value AS ASSUMED BY THE COUNTY AUDITOR.
Looking at the sample below:
2015    $177,300
2016    $194,200

Divide $177,300 by $194,200 = .913     an approximate 9% increase in value. 

The residential real estate market has increased this past year on an average of 5-10% depending on where you live.  If your increase is much more than that, or questionable, you might have a case to appeal this with the county.
If you feel yours is unjustifiably high and want to appeal, part of the process involves getting comps…
I can help with that.  Don’t hesitate to give me a call, its one of the things I would absolutely do for my friends!