Doggie Door Designs

Thanks everyone that sent in comments and ideas on doggie doors this past month.  I’ve included some of the ideas that I thought were really interesting!  I’m really loving the doggie door in a cabinet idea.  Now I’m trying to figure out how to redo my kitchen so I can include it.   Amazing how creative and ingenious so many of you are.  Thanks for sharing with us.

doogiedoor2 doggie-door-2 doggiedoor-1

Doggie Door Help

This is my dog Anniemae.  You can see one of her distinguishing marks.  There is a scar on the margin of her ear due to not knowing her boundaries and trying to take a treat from an older dog when she was a pup.  She learned that lesson pretty quickly! I don’t have a doggie door for Anniemae.

We’ve thought about putting one in but we have a glass door that we don’t really want to alter.  We could take it out and put in a different door that could have a doggie door in it but we haven’t been inspired yet by what we’ve seen.  Might have to put it in the wall.  Still deciding.
However here is my question and request.  I would love some great ideas or designs for doggie doors.  There are a lot of us that are interested and would love to see what you or your neighbor/friends have done for an interesting door for your beloved canine.
Please just snap a shot and email it to me.  Once I collect them, I’ll share them next month and we can all benefit from many eyes out there.
(BTW….Where did September go?)

Creative Ways to Cover your Utility Box

The owners on one of our listings on Michigan are very creative.  Their house and their deck are gorgeous.  They came up with this great idea to cover the unsightly utility boxes on the outside of their home.  In their case it just happened to be on the deck.  Check out what they did.  It fits the decor of the deck and it all looks clean and appropriate and finished!  Well done!
utility-box2 utility-box

Tax Notice – Ugh!

A lot of us are noticing a significant increase in the Property Valuation portion of the tax notice.  Might be worth doing some quick math to see if it falls in a reasonable increase.
If you divide 2015 value by the new 2016 value, you should get the percent increase of your homes value AS ASSUMED BY THE COUNTY AUDITOR.
Looking at the sample below:
2015    $177,300
2016    $194,200

Divide $177,300 by $194,200 = .913     an approximate 9% increase in value. 

The residential real estate market has increased this past year on an average of 5-10% depending on where you live.  If your increase is much more than that, or questionable, you might have a case to appeal this with the county.
If you feel yours is unjustifiably high and want to appeal, part of the process involves getting comps…
I can help with that.  Don’t hesitate to give me a call, its one of the things I would absolutely do for my friends!


Shelf Basement Bed Ideas

I’ve seen many home owners in Salt Lake make use of shelf basements by building closets and shelving on top of them. Recently I showing a home that had an example of another great way to actually make use of their shelf basement. Check it out!  The two kids that sleep on these beds think they have the coolest bedroom in the neighborhood. With the beds up on the shelf, the rest of the room felt so big. More room for toys to be spread all over the floor! You people are so creative. Who needs Houzz when we have you!

basement-bed2 basement-bed

Remodeled Bathroom

I was doing my weekend walk with Kris and we past the house I helped Courtney & Joe buy a few years ago.  They have so tastefully remodeled a nice but dated bathroom that I just had to share.  It is so well done and the pictures don’t show how much more room it feels like it has.  I thought you would all want to see it.  Nice surprise of a brick wall when they opened it up.  Notice the narrow counter and cabinets for the sink.  Not a stock item, but worth every inch you gain.  Nicely done Courtney and Joe!
bathroom5 bathroom-3 bathroom1 bathroom2 bathroom4

Garfield Ave – Rehab

I love looking at before and after pictures of renovations.  Especially if they are done locally and by someone we know.  I know you received an invite to come see the home Kelly and I renovated on Garfield Ave in Sugarhouse last week, however the weather was pretty awful so most of you didn’t get a chance to come by.  Don’t blame you!
I love watching the last 5 minutes of home make over shows so I can get right to the before and after pics.  Here is our version of the last 5 minutes of our home make over show.  Hope you enjoy… just wish we would have turned on the fireplace for the pics.  It’s pretty cool.   BTW,  we put it on the market last Wednesday and had multiple offers within 12 hours.  Very exciting!


Something Very Different

Hey for those of us interested in things like water shares and irrigation, this is right up our alley.  East Millcreek Water is having their Open Ditch Day, Saturday April 16th, 10am-1pm – a day when many shareholders open their gardens to show and tell about how they access and use the water, from the easiest and least expensive ways to flood irrigate (and there are a lot of them), and including several pressurized systems using sump pumps, cisterns, and large pumps.  Everyone is welcome!    Go to for more information.  Maybe I’ll see you at one of the properties.


Extreme Makeover – Garage Edition

Kelly Favero and I are rehabbing a home in Sugarhouse.  True to so many of those properties, the garage was a “leaner”.  We were actually worried about standing too close just in case its time was up!  I’ve had a few garage/shed type structures that needed to be built, always used A-Shed, and I wanted to show you what they did on this one.  They build it at their plant and put it up in about 2-3 days depending on the size and exterior.  The cost for this single car garage including the cement work was about $15,000.

By the way, you will more than likely get an invite to come and see this house once we are done.  It will be a private thing for friends to swing by and see the before pics on the wall while walking around the home with a glass of wine in your hand.  I love this kind of stuff!!  I think I’m a “Rehab Addict” wannabe!

Garage Before

Garage After

How to get a Workshop in a Condo

Condo living can have its advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is for those that would like their own workshop.  One of our clients had put together his answer to wanting a workshop and still having condo style living.  The parking space was a little longer than his car.  He constructed a shop that, when all was put away and closed, was about 3 feet deep and the width of his parking space.  When opened and tools were pulled out, he had a shop that was just over 10 X 10.  Everything had its place and it felt like one of those cool Ikea little spaces.  Fabulous idea and extremely useful!

Workshop Closed

Workshop Open