Tips for Increasing Natural Lighting in Your Home

Did you know that increasing the natural light in your home could actually make you feel better, both physically and psychologically? We all thrive on warm, natural light. More natural light in your home will also save you on electricity costs and make your home a more welcoming place for others. Your home will even feel more spacious with more natural light.

If you had a long, cold winter, these tips for increasing natural light in your home will be especially welcome. And if you live in a more temperate year-round climate, you may find a few ways to benefit from that great weather even more. Read on to find out how to take advantage of the longer days and fresh air. [Read more…]

Protecting Your Home from Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are a fact of life. And they are becoming more prevalent, thanks to global warming. A natural disaster will probably affect you and your home at some point in your life.

Wildfires are becoming more common, thanks to extended drought conditions. In other areas, record rainfall is leading to increased flooding. Violent storms like hurricanes and tornadoes can cause mayhem in a matter of seconds. Find out what you can do to minimize your chances of home damage in these kinds of natural disasters. [Read more…]