5 Fictional Homes That Exist in Real Life

Although we really haven’t figured out if art imitates life – or life imitates art – one thing is true: life and art are sometimes a lot alike. While we’re directing our own stories in our homes, we may recognize fictional homes that are featured prominently in the stories we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Here are 5 examples of homes that blur the lines between art, entertainment, and reality.

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How Big is My House? Average Home Sizes from Around the World

We generally do things big here in America. We love having big things like SUV’s, extra value meals, and large homes with lots of furniture. Go big or go home is a phrase heard often. In fact, the average home in America is 2,164 square feet. We almost took home the gold for big homes, but Australia beat us with an average home size of 2,303 square feet.

While you may wish that your home was as big as our friends from down under, you might be surprised to see how the rest of the world lives. Let’s take a look and see how big our houses are compared to other homes around the world. [Read more…]