Save Money and Time with this How-To Guide on Xeriscaping your Yard

Xeriscaping is a method of landscaping that uses native drought-resistant plants, and eliminates the need for excessive watering and maintenance. This totally eco-friendly method will save you money on your water bill in the summer, while making you feel like you’re making an environmental difference. Score!

Xeriscaping can be so much more than a dry garden with cacti and succulents. Tall grasses, groundcovers, native plants (like lavender or sage in the West) and shrubs can be used to create your Xeriscaped oasis.  Successful Xeriscaped landscapes require research and planning, but little else afterwards. Whether transforming your entire yard at once, or bit by bit, the following tips will help you get the most out of your low-maintenance, earth friendly and beautiful landscape. [Read more…]