How Big is My House? Average Home Sizes from Around the World

We generally do things big here in America. We love having big things like SUV’s, extra value meals, and large homes with lots of furniture. Go big or go home is a phrase heard often. In fact, the average home in America is 2,164 square feet. We almost took home the gold for big homes, but Australia beat us with an average home size of 2,303 square feet.

While you may wish that your home was as big as our friends from down under, you might be surprised to see how the rest of the world lives. Let’s take a look and see how big our houses are compared to other homes around the world.

Countries with Mid-Sized Homes

There are several countries that have homes much smaller than ours—ranging from 1,000-2,000 square feet, on average. Some of these countries are:

  • Japan – 1,023
  • Spain – 1,044
  • Germany – 1,173
  • France – 1,206
  • Greece – 1,356
  • Denmark – 1,475
  • Canada – 1,948

Countries with Small Homes

Though the homes in Japan seem quite small—at about 1,000 square feet—there are a few countries that have much smaller homes. These countries all have average home sizes that range from 600-900 square feet:

  • Russia – 614
  • China – 646
  • Italy – 872
  • United Kingdom – 818
  • Sweden – 893

Living in Russia or China in a home that is 614-646 square feet seems nearly impossible to most of us. Yet the province of Hong Kong in China takes the cake. Homes in Hong Kong average out to be only 484 square feet! Think about that the next time you wish you had more space for more boxes.