Staging Equals Success

When you go to an interview, you dress for the occasion—a nice suit, a sharp haircut, an appealing color palate. You do this because you know that first impressions matter. And they matter a lot. They matter so much, in fact, that most people will assess their like or dislike of a new acquaintance in a matter of a few seconds to a few minutes. BAM! Even though we know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, many (most of us, really) totally do. This principle is equally as important in real estate when your home’s first impression tends to be its lasting impression on a potential buyer.

Home staging is a growing business type with multiple firms all over the United States. Though many home sellers think they can dress up their own home sufficiently for it to sell, a home stager can potentially decorate your home to sell faster and at a higher price than you could. Though they can’t guarantee success 100% of the time, following are a few very good reasons to consider hiring a home staging company when selling your next home. [Read more…]

Basic Architectural Styles Everyone Should Know

When you put together your wish list for your new home, your REALTOR will likely want to know what architectural style you’re looking for. Though you might not have your heart set on a certain type, knowing a few basic architectural designs will help you build a vocabulary to properly express what it is you really want. It’ll most likely impress your REALTOR too!

Realizing that this is far from a complete list, each one of these home types has its own unique bit of history and charm. When you’re looking for your next home, don’t spend all of your time touring the inside—make sure to take a look at the outside as well, admiring the design and layout. [Read more…]